the archaeological site of vasiliki

Vasiliki lies on a small hill in the north of the Ierapetra isthmus. A highly important settlement has been found in this area that appears to have been inhabited, without a break, from the Early to the Late Minoan periods.


It was first excavated 1903-1906 by American archaeologist R. B. Seager. Nicolas Platon continued excavations in 1953. In 1970, A. A. Zois began meticulous work that lasted until 1982, and returned to the site again in 1990 to continue the work.

The site includes houses, many Vasiliki-ware pottery finds and a paved courtyard.

One early theory – that Vasiliki was where the oldest archetypal Minoan palace of Crete was located – has been brought to question by recent archaeological research.

Vasiliki is also associated with the famous pottery style that has been named after it (with colorful and unevenly fired surfaces) though archaeological research shows that similar ceramic ware was produced in other parts of the island as well.

Vasiliki Map
[gmap markers=lblue::35.275727042003695,25.746545791625977 + 35.25654993683255,25.60538649559021 + 35.036869718529076,25.972495079040527 + 35.32023069436543,25.570313930511475 + 35.11322476195577,25.737404823303223 + 35.09686396616335,25.754570960998535 + 35.22287653877855,25.445451736450195 + 35.180206542211394,25.479183197021484 + 35.118911651263275,25.497593879699707 + 35.1058206796685,25.796526074409485 + 35.2711232687022,26.256701946258545 + 35.18365800546596,26.253998279571533 + 35.175155355095725,25.654277801513672 + 35.262216292545034,25.72169780731201 + 35.187866909543864,26.295669078826904 + 35.10131611290719,25.793977975845337 |zoom=16 |center=35.101688284469205,25.794053077697754 |width=420px |height=300px |control=Micro |type=Hybrid]

How to get there:
From Agios Nikolaos take the road to Sitia.