Theriso Gorge

Theriso - a gorge near the city

Theriso Gorge is the nearest gorge to the city of Chania and the only one which can be crossed by car or other transportation means, since it is crossed by a carriageway leading to the gorge from Chania via the suburb of Perivolia. The main portion of the gorge is 6 km long.

Theriso Gorge Map
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Through it also flows, at some parts directly besides the street, a brook which supplies the vegetation with water and cares for a very beautiful background not only in springtime.

The imposing precipitous rocky slopes and the very luxuriant flora have no cause to be jealous of the bigger gorges of Chania.

The gorge, even if visited by car, and the beauty of the village of Theriso, built at the foot of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 m and only 15 km distant from Chania, will remain unforgettable to the visitor.


An unspectacular yet beautiful place, the farming village of Theriso. Sitting in one of the two or three taverns during the late afternoon hours when the sun disappears behind the high mountains, the intention to the "end of the world" automatically gets coming up. Here you can experience peacefulness.

The Village

But it wasn't always so quiet in Theriso and the ravine. Just about 200 years ago Cretan freedom fighters entrenched themselves here and fought violent battles with the Turkish members of the occupying forces, who even burned down the village decades later.

Table in the Shade

At last in 1898 they succeeded in expelling the Turks with the help of the European major powers and Crete got to autonomous status under the protectorate of Italy, Russia, France and Great Britain.

In the beginning of the 20th century Eleftherios Venizelos, born in 1864 in the neighbouring village of Mournies, organized the Cretan Revolution from the village of Theriso in order to unite the island of Crete and the rest of Greece, after four hundred years of slavery under the Turks. The union with Greece was reached in May, 1913.

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