Rethymnon Museums & Collections

Museums & Collections of Rethymnon

In Rethymnon there are some very interesting Museums and Galleries

Fortezza - The fortress is Rethymnon's pride. It was built in 1573 during the Venetian occupation in order to fortify the city against Ottoman raids. Nowadays it houses an open-air theatre where most of the events of the Renaissance Festival take place.
Archaeological Museum - The museum was founded in 1887 by the Society of the Friends of Education. Today it is housed in the pentagonal bastion in front of the central, east gate of the Fortezza. This building represents one of the fortified construction works accomplished by the Turks, who chose this location in order to defend the central entrance to the fortress.
The Venetian Loggia - Dating back to the 16th century is used as the Archaeological Museum' s shop selling copies of artifacts, books, models, jigsaw puzzles and cards.
Folk Museum
Historical and Folk Art Museum - The Rethymnon Historical and Folk Art Museum is a private institution founded in 1973. The aims of the Foundation are the research and the collection of historical and folklore material from all over Crete and especially the prefecture of Rethymnon, the operation of the Museum and the stimulation of interest in the study of Cretan tradition.
Museum of Sea-Life
Museum of Sea-Life - The Museum is housed in the recently restored old abbey, which is located in the old town. The exhibition represents one of the most important collections of molluscs, sponges, fish and various fossils in Rethymnon.
Art Gallery
Municipal Gallery - The Municipal Gallery "L. Kanakakis" was founded in 1992. From its beginning it was housed in a Venetian building in the heart of the old, historical town of Rethymnon, below the Fortezza and the Archaeological Museum. It houses a permanent exhibition of the work of Lefteris Kanakakis as well as works of contemporary Greek artists.