Rethymnon Gorges

The Gorges of the Rethymnon Prefecture

The district of Rethymnon extends from the mountain Lefka Ori to the mountain Psiloritis.

Gorges of extraordinary beauty traverse the mountains and mountain ranges of Rethymnon:

Kotsifou - The wild and romantic gorge of Kotsifou begins at the village of Kannevos and ends at the village of Plakias. Just 10 m wide at its entrance, the beginning of this gorge is very narrow, however, it widens out to 600 m.
Kourtaliotiko - Kourtaliotiko Gorge is formed by the steep sides of the mountains Kouroupa and Xiron. Its imposing entrance is near the village Koxare a place named "profarago". Inside the gorge flows the river megapotamos or kourtaliotis or massalias, which collects water from the valley of Agios Vassilios and Spili.
Mili - The deserted village of Mili is within the magnificent lush, green Mili Gorge some 7 km from Rethymnon town to the south up on the hills. The gorge is literally covered by a blanket of greenery; an unspoiled and untouched place between trees and plants.
Patsos - The gorge of Patsos is located near the picturesque mountain village of Patsos, south-east of Rethymnon and a few km north-east of Spili. The first lower part of the gorge will entail walking through some water.
Prassano - The Prassano Gorge which starts south of the village of Prasses, offers a 3 hours walk and is considered a miniature of the famous Samaria Gorge. It is crossed by the Platanes river and its impressive rock faces and a few rather difficult points of access make this a particularly interesting walk.