Rethymnon Caves

Rethymnon - the Prefecture of Caves

The mountains of the Rethymnon prefecture are exceptionally rich in caves, there being some 850 in all. Many of these caves are of particular archaeological and historical interest or even just of natural beauty.

Agios Antonios
Agios Antonios Cave - The cave of Agios Antonios near the village of Patsos also represents a place of dedication as has been proved by archaeological research. It was used as an important centre of worship from the Late Minoan up until the Roman period.
Gerani Cave - The Gerani cave displays magnificent stalagmites and boasts 6 halls. Apart from three human skeletons, archaeological research has brought to light a variety of bone and stone tools dating back to the Neolithic period.
Ideon Andron
Ideon Andron - The Ideon Andron is located on the Nida plateau of Mount Psiloritis, 24 km from the village of Anogia and 78 km from the town of Rethymnon. Its extraordinary large entrance which is at a height of 1538 m is quite impressive.
Melidoni - Excavation works, which continue in the cave of Melidoni, have proved that the cave was used as a central place of worship from the early Neolithic age up until the Roman period. An inscription gives evidence of the fact that Hermes was worshiped in this cave.
Sfendoni - The cave of Sfendoni near the village of Zoniana in the district of Mylopotamos (47 km from Rethymnon in the direction of Perama - Axos) displays 14 halls, richly ornamented with stalactites and stalagmites.
Tafkos - Tafkos at Petradolakia is a chasm as deep as 475 meters with a subterranean river bed. The exploration of the cave required a total of 22 descents and copious, to say the least, negotiations through ice-cold waters and treacherous foot-holds.