Loudovikos of Anogia

Loudovikos - the contemporary poet

LoudovikosHis gentle voice, the compelling lyricism of his songs and his emotional and sensitive arrangements, have enchanted Greek audiences for years.

His midnight concerts in historic settings have cult status, and his CDs habitually top the Greek charts, staying there for weeks.

Like many famous artists, poets and politicians, Loudovikos comes from Anogia, home of Nikos Xylouris and the last village on the northern approach road to the majestic Mount Psiloritis (at 2,456 m Crete’s highest mountain).

His lyrics are inspired by his profound knowledge of the way of life, the feelings and the destiny of the people who live here.

"Up here on the barren slopes of Mount Psiloritis, people listen to the spirit of the stones. We sing of unrequited love and the paths it takes. And we still sing of death in a deeply erotic way. The people of the mountains are closer to the heavens."

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Loudovikos childhood, full of domestic chores, was a tough one. He was helping his family as a shepherd; transporting cheese and lumber from the mountain back to his village was one of his daily duties.

However, Loudovikos was into painting and this hobby helped him to escape his daily routine, make some money and travel throughout Europe.

His career in music began while Manos Hadjidakis was in Anogia to participate in a cultural event.

Manos heard Loudovikos and his friends playing mandolins and singing by chance. It was the beginning of a long journey.

Loudovikos, with the immense help of Manos Hadjidakis, recorded his first disk in 1985, titled 'Mirologia', an anthology of Cretan funeral and mourning songs.

Loudovikos in Concert

Loudovikos' discography comprises 10 albums: 'Mirologia', 'O Erotas stin Kriti ine Melanxolikos', 'Xainis’, ‘Xarmatoussa', 'To Meintani', 'I Pili tis ammou', 'To ohi apokimithike stin agalia tou ne', 'Erotokritos: Four approaches the medieval romance’, 'Anixa mantarini', 'The Colours of Love'.

These recordings can be bought through major online shops. Loudovikos, however, is not his real name. This nom de guerre was coined by Manos Hadjidakis.

His real name is Giorgos (George) Dramountanis.

Finally, Loudovikos of Anogia "gave birth" to one of the most prominent cultural events in Greece, the "Yakinthia"; an annual event that takes place in early July.