Makrigialos, Crete - a village away from mass tourism

The village of Makrigialos or Makry Gialos (Μακρυγιαλός) is located on Crete’s southern coast east of Ierapetra; a 30 minute drive along the coastline filled with a number of secluded bays and quiet beaches.

Makrigialos is a find, some way from any major or developed tourist towns.


Kritsa Crete - a tradional village

Kritsa, Crete is a lovely village known for its local arts and crafts, particularity its hand-woven woolen textiles and clothes. Kritsa was also the location of some of the scenes from Jules Dassin's film Christ Recrucified.

Archaeological Museum of Sitia

The Archaeological Museum of Sitia

The museum was inaugurated in 1984 with the objective of housing regional finds. All items are exhibited in one room, which is divided into four thematic sections. Accompanying texts are provided in five languages. Interspersed among the display cases and in the museum’s entrance hall are Minoan sarcophagi from the cemeteries excavated in the Sitia area. The courtyard also has sections of buildings.

Ierapetra Archaeological Collection

The Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

The first Archaeological Collection in Ierapetra was established in 1886 and in the past served more as a safe place for archaeological finds. The Archaeological Collection is now housed in the beautiful 1899 building – once known as the Ottoman School or Mehtepi – since 1986. The exhibition is arranged in two separate thematic units.


the archaeological site of vasiliki

Vasiliki lies on a small hill in the north of the Ierapetra isthmus. A highly important settlement has been found in this area that appears to have been inhabited, without a break, from the Early to the Late Minoan periods.


The archaeological site of Zakros

Zakros is an ancient site on the eastern coast containing ruins from the Minoan civilization. It is believed to have been one of the four main administrative centers of the Minoans, and its protected harbor and strategic location made it an important commercial hub for trade to the east.