Yakinthia Festival in Anogia

Yakinthos - The saint of love

Graceful Yakinthos (Hyacinth) is playing in the forest and throws the discus as far as he can to be better than his teacher Apollo. And the God is so enchanted by the beauty of the boy that he is totally forgetting the game. Zephyr is jealous and makes the discus loose its track. Yakinthos falls dead to the ground. Grieving Apollo makes a beautiful white flower grow on the spot where Yakinthos fell dead.

YakinthosIn the year 98 BC, 20-year old Yakinthos becomes a martyr for the common faith, his love to God! ...

A more recent legend is the one of a young fellow from Anogia whose unmet love for a girl drove him to the mountains where he disappeared. Many years after, a local shepherd discovered his bones underneath a beautiful white flower, the hyacinth.

The poet, songwriter and singer from Anogia, who they call "Loudovikos of Anogia" wants to make the history of the young martyr, who supersedes his fear in love, known to the public. And because 1.900 years have passed since the martyrdom of Yakinthos, he decided to honor the Saint of Love by singing the poetry of love.

Thus Loudovikos, together with spiritual men and artists, founded an institution called "Corporation of Friends of Yakinthia Events", which organizes the Yakinthia Festivals.

The artistic events, which take place every year in the month of July within enchanting surroundings at the same place called Fourni just outside the village of Anogia host theatrical plays, poetry readings and concerts of popular Greek artists. To complete the festivities, there are also small kiosks selling local products such as handycrafts, honey, cheese and raki, fresh from the copper cauldron.

The idea to build a church at the same place came from the Archbishop of Rethymnon, Anthymos, who himself laid down the foundation stone.

Yakinthos ChapelYakinthos IconGirl StatueRaki Cauldron

The chapel is built in the shape of a Cretan "mitato", a circular building made of flat stones without mortar 1.200 m above sea level. The building was executed according to the rules of Late Minoan architecture with a dome. The inclination starts above 2 meters and leaves a hole of 30 cm at the top.

If you happen to be there, don’t forget to light 3 candles in the chapel; like Loudovikos says: “one for your past, one for your future, and one for Yakinthos”.