Stalis - Combining Family Vacations & Nightlife

Stalis or Stalida situated on the north coast of Crete, about 33 km east of Heraklion. Stalis is between the well-known tourist resorts of Mallia and Hersonissos.
Stalis is ideal for family vacations and at the same time offers a good selection of bars and restaurants and the intense nightlife of Mallia at its doorstep.


Due to its central location, Stalis is also a good starting point for exploring the rest of the island.

Stalis has its own long beach with fine sand and crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming, tanning and water sports.
Stalis features a wide range of accommodations in all price categories; from large sea-side resort hotels with pools, entertainment programs and sports facilities to apartments and studios located on the hill with beautiful views over the bay.

Thanks to the local building regulation, Stalis has been protected from anarchic building, so you can enjoy the great view from almost everywhere.
The area is one of the oldest inhabited in Crete with a healthy climate and hospitable people.

The surroundings are quite enchanting, combining the beach, the fertile plains and hills and the mountains south of the resort and offer spectacular dawns and sunsets.

Stalida ViewStalida BeachStalis BeachStalis Palm TreeBeach near Stalis
Stalis From TopRoom With A ViewStalis DawnHappy Hour In Stalis
Stalis By NightStalis ChurchStalis Paved StreetKrasiKrasi Plane Tree

The mountain road leads to the picturesque hamlet of Krasi with its ancient plane-trees, rushing waters and springs.

A natural resort, in which some of the greatest contemporary writers including Nikos Kazantzakis, once held symposia in the trunk of a 2000 year-old plane tree which still offers its cooling shade.

For lovers of archaeology, the ancient site of Mallia is very nearby and certainly worth a visit.

Stalis, Crete Map
[gmap markers=big blue::35.24971263792647,23.8098406791687 + 35.24971263792647,23.8098406791687 + 34.839675103607874,24.082889556884766 + 34.839675103607874,24.082889556884766 + 35.352299049572245,24.29572820663452 + 35.19995402052137,24.078871607780457 + 35.19995402052137,24.078871607780457 + 35.40653419435222,25.020010471343994 + 35.3379678879887,25.075231790542603 + 35.23583300533749,25.1596999168396 + 35.402952300485175,24.953888654708862 + 35.31777953251713,25.393502712249756 + 35.292093892951414,25.460225343704224 + 34.99352562418994,24.749675989151 + 35.29592589254266,25.42813539505005 |zoom=15 |center=35.29579279128849,25.428757667541504 |width=420px |height=300px |control=Small |type=Hybrid]

How to get there:
There are regular public buses from and to Heraklion.