Rethymnon Areas of Natural Beauty

areas of natural beauty - rethymnon prefecture

The Lagoon of Preveli - At the point where the river Megalos Potamos empties into the sea and the gorge of Kourtaliotis ends, are the famous Lagoon of Preveli and the beach of Finikas. In order to get there you will have to follow the road to the monastery of Preveli.


Shortly before the monastery, a track on your left-hand-side leads down to a parking area.

From this point on you will have to walk down to the sandy beach, where a remarkable, almost tropical landscape with numerous palm-trees makes up for any inconveniences.

The river which flows into the sea, combined with the natural vegetation offers a truly magnificent sight.

The Nida Plateau - 79 km from Rethymnon is the well-known Nida Plateau on Mount Psiloritis.

Nida Plateau

Not far from there is the Ideon Andron, the cave in which Zeus was brought up.
The plateau is used for pasturing during the summer months, and it is where you can find the famous "mitata", vaulted stone cottages, in which the shepherds live.
Furthermore the Nida Plateau provides skiing facilities during the winter months.

Argiroupoli - Following the old national road from Rethymnon in the direction of Chania, after 27 km you arrive in Argiroupoli. The village has been built on the remains of the ancient city of Lappa.

Argiroupoli Springs

The area is extremely fertile with plane and chestnut trees and countless flowers.
The large number of springs that cascade down the mountain as well as the cave of Agia Dynami with the homonymous chapel is worth visiting. There are several tavernas offering traditional Cretan dishes made of pure and tasteful products.

There is also an interesting local festival, on April 23, when flocks of sheep are brought to the church at dawn to be milked, sheared and dedicated to Agios Georgios (Saint George), who is their patron saint and protector.