Mount Dikti

Mount Dikti in Lassithi

Mount Dikti is located at the western side of the Lassithi Prefecture. It consists of peaks (Diktian range), such as: Mt Spathi (2.148 m), Mt Afentis Hristos (2.141 m) and Mt Lazaros (2.085 m), Psari Madara (2.141 m), Katharo Tsivi or Aliada (1.664 m).

Dikti Mountains

Its mass is dominating the Lassithi Plateau, the largest and prettiest plateau in Crete. It is a place with a long history. Here you will find the Diktaion Andron, the cave where, according to mythology, Zeus was born.

Map of Mount Dikti Crete Lassithi

[gmap zoom=12 |center=35.11288774843568,25.51197052001953 |width=420px |height=300px |control=Micro |type=Hybrid]

How to get there:
Coming From Heraklion take the National road to Agios Nikolaos and a little before Malia take the road to Mohos and follow up until the village of Psychro or coming from Agios Nikolaos take the National road to Heraklion and at Vrisses take the road to Tzermiado and follow up until the village of Psychro.