Michalis Tzouganakis

Michalis Tzouganakis

Michalis TzouganakisOne of the most promising young Cretan artists, Michalis Tzouganakis was born outside his beloved Crete.

He was born the eighth child of Cretan parents from Rethymnon, in Bergen, Belgium.

A former wiz-kid, he started playing the lute and performing at the tender age of 8.

In 1997 he meets Nikos Mamagakis. For the next 5 years he studies composition, fuga and counterpoint next to Mamagakis.

A close friendship, that lead to the album 'Songs of the Old Town'. Also in 1997, after the renowned Cretan singer Manolis Lidakis includes Michalis’ song "Pali-Pali" in one of his albums, it becomes a huge success.

Michalis Tzouganakis is nowadays considered to be one of the five best lute players in the world; a virtuoso, whom locals refer to as the 'Cretan Jimmy Hendrix'.

The oriental sound and the breadth of his voice mixed with his passionate performing, gives a unique identity to every song, whether traditional or not.

"My father kept his reminiscences of Crete in the '60s. I was feeling like being kept in a time machine. Crete is a very special place on Earth, just think of all the great persons born there. In Greek music for instance, Mikis Theodorakis comes from Galatas in Chania, Manos Hatjidakis from Agios Vasilios in Rethymnon, Nikos Mamagakis from Metohia Rethymnon."