Lasithi Unexplored Caves

Lassithi Caves - Six kilometers of unexplored depths

The French Speleological Society (LUC) in collaboration with the Speleological Association of Crete presented a magical exploration of the caves and the underground of the mountain area of Sitia.

This area has a significant speleological interest not only because of the archaeological and ecological importance of the caves of Pelekites, of Kato Peristeras etc, but also because of the great number of underground tunnels, which spread out for more than 6000 meters of explored routes.

So what is the special characteristic that makes this area different from quite a few others, also located in Crete? We could say that the mountain area of Sitia is made up of a narrow basin (in essence, a group of many smaller narrow basins), where few running waters fall…

Sitia Caves

It is the first time that the underground of the mountains of Sitia is mapped and some remarkable photos, which are published for the first time, show the difficulties of a technically demanding expedition, as the standing waters inside caves and crawlways had to be drained out.

from STIGMES Magazine