Heraklion Prefecture

The prefecture of Heraklion, Crete

At the prefecture of Heraklion there are some of the most important archaeological sites on Crete.

Heraklion Prefecture Map
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The Minoan palaces of Knossos, Mallia and Phaistos, as well as Gortys, the Roman capital of the island, are a clear reminder of the importance of the fertile Messara valley, which continues to this day.

Knossos PalaceMessara PlainsMatala Caves

The most popular tourist destinations at Heraklion, Crete

The most tourist parts of the island, such as Hersonissos, Mallia and Matala are to be found in the Heraklion prefecture. But also to be discovered here are villages which retain their traditional atmosphere, such as Archanes and Ano Viannos.

The beaches on the southern coast are ample reward for the journey there.

Golfers will not be left to their fate in Heraklion. The Crete Golf Club proudly presents a brand new 18hole Golf Course which is a marvellous new addition to Europe’s rich reservoir of courses and which will undoubtedly soon be regarded as one of the finest tests in the whole of the southern Mediterranean.

Heraklion also hosts the largest marine research, technology and entertainment complex in the Mediterranean, the CretAquarium Thalassokosmos (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research) which is certainly worth a visit.