Chania Tourist Information

Chania, Crete Tourist Information

How to get to Chania

You can travel to Chania either by choosing one of the many flights, which are scheduled daily to Chania, the flight from Athens is 50 minutes.

Or alternatively take the boat from Piraeus portdirectly to the port of Chania, Souda.

Service is run on a daily basis. The journey by boat from Piraeus to Chania lasts about 9 hours with regular ferries, and 4,5 hours with highspeed ferries.

For transportation within and beyond the border of the prefecture of Chania you may use the public transportation service. Buses (KTEL) run on a daily basis.Alternatively you can use a taxi or rent a car or motorbike.



  • International Dialing Code: +30-28210
  • Intercity Road Transport Companies (KTEL): 28210-93306, 93052
  • Aegean Airlines, Chania Airport: 28210-63366
  • Olympic Airways, Chania: 28210-57701-3
  • Radios Taxis: 28210-94300, 98700
  • Chania Port Authority: 28210-28388
  • Souda Port Authority: 28210-89240
  • Greek National Tourism Organization
  • Greek Alpine Club: 28210-44647
  • Fire Department: 28210-90433
  • Tourist Police of Chania: 28210-73333 : 28210-92943
  • Municipal Tourist Information Office: 28210-36155, 36204
  • Hospital EKAV: 166 or 28210-28667
  • General Hospital Aghios Georgios: 28210-22000
  • Police Station: 28210-28744
  • Traffic Police of Chania: 28210-28758