Chania Prefecture

Chania Crete, (Χανιά) the prefecture

Chania, Crete : Prefecture in West Crete a heavenly and pure land brimming with natural beauty, history, memory and culture.

Chania, Crete Map

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Chania, Crete is a land whose visitors will experience nature in all its glory and will encounter breathtaking sights.

Endless stretches of seashore bordered in frothy lace, inlets and islands of exotic beauty and pink sandy beaches tucked away at the foot of forbidding mountains.

Impenetrable but yet such majestic gorges, holy caves, blessed rivers and lush, green plains thickly covered with olive and citrus trees. Chania Crete is a self-sufficient land in every way that is rich in endemic and rare flora and fauna.

The works of art produced by man will also not leave any visitor indifferent. He will bow with awe in respect for the intimidating remains of past civilizations which still stand proud, examples of creative spirit and signs of human futility, vigorous warriors of bitter and ravenous time.

Seashorechania gorgeshania mountains

He will relive moments of legend, history and glory since memories of the past will awaken and resurrect themselves in his passing.

Here he will satiate his hunger for color and aroma, he will savor original and unique tastes, and he will overhear stories about experiences taken from the passion and wisdom of a people whose roots and endurance are embedded deep in history.

He will live intense contrasts and feelings, he will juxtapose the old with the new and he will respect modern life through the eyes of wisdom gained from tradition.

Perhaps most importantly, the visitor of Chania Crete will encounter a people who recognize life's gifts and value. The Cretan soul will infuse him with the feeling of true hospitality and will leave him mesmerized and forever partial to its beauty. Welcome to beautiful Chania;