Chania Museums & Collections

Museums & Collections in Chania

Many of the premier collection of art and artifacts from the Minoan civilization are in Chania

Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum is housed in one of the many beautiful medieval monuments of the city of Chania, the imposing church of the monastery of the monks of Frangiskan (16th century).

During the Ottoman era, the monastery was transformed into a Muslim place of worship for Yussuf Pasha, while in modern times it has veriously served as a cinema and an army warehouse. It became a museum only in 1963.

Byzantine Collection
The Byzantine Collection is housed in a Venetian church, the church of San Salvatore of the monks Frangiskan (15th -17th century).

It boasts discoveries from the prefecture such as architectural sculptures, inscriptions, frescoes, icons, coins, jewellery and ceramics.

Folklore Museum
The Folklore Collection of the Historical, Cultural and Archaeological Society of Crete, with a plethora of items from the rural and urban life of Crete and a rich Cretan library, is housed in the Venetian fortress of Firka at the old city of Chania.


Agia Marina
The Maritime Museum was opened in 1973 and has received an award for its work by the Historical and Ethnological Society.

It is housed at the entrance of the Venetian fortress of Firka, which stands guard over the opening to Chania Harbor.

Art Gallery
The Municipal Art Gallery presents a remarkable collection of artworks acquired by the city over the years.

The aim is to use the gallery not just as a museum, but also as a centre of cultural education of comprising art, science and speech with fine arts as its basis.

War Museum
The War Museum is housed in the Italian Barracks, a work of the Italian architect Macuzo (1870), next to the Public Garden.

It is a branch of the War Museum of Athens.

The Historic Archive of Crete was founded in 1932 and it is located at 20, I. Sfakianaki Street. Its library comprises over 6500 books as well as very important documents from the Cretan rebellions from 1821, archives of the Cretan State as well as archives of civilians.

Venizelos House
The House of Eleftherios Venizelos in Halepa, is the house where Venizelos lived for the majority of his life.

It is open to the public and it functions as a museum of furniture and personal items of the great leader.