Chania Festivities & Entertainment

Entertainment & Festivities in Chania

The visitor of Chania will not be left to his fate.

He has every opportunity to take part in social occasions throughout the year: from the solemn religious celebrations and the traditional festivals in honour of patron saints to the stately commemorations of national anniversaries such as the 28th of October, the 25th of March and the anniversary of the Battle of Crete in May in which veteran soldiers from Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand participate.

It is not only under these circumstances that the Cretan honours and entertains however.


The production of tsikoudia - the "rakokazano" (copper cauldron for distilling raki), the harvesting and treading of the grapes, the harvesting of the olives and the oranges, are all an opportunity for a celebration in the eyes of the Cretan.

Particularly the harvesting of the chestnut in Elos Kisamou and in Prase of Kydonia in October and the harvesting of the cherry in Karanou Selino are celebrated in a unique fashion.

Impressive are the ceremonies which surround engagements, weddings and baptisms which are often open events where a bountiful amount of food and drink are served and are always accompanied by live traditional music, dancing and a hospitable mood.

Cretan Wedding

The formal cultural celebrations are also of very high quality like that of the Cultural Summer of the Municipality of Chania which comprises theatrical and musical performances, art exhibitions and concerts, with various relevant activities being organized in every municipality of the prefecture.

Of particular interest are the festivities for the Battle of Crete in May, Navy Week in July, with Souda as the focal point, Agricultural August and the festivities in Itzedin in honour of the full moon of August.


Throughout the day non-stop amusement is offered on the seashores of the prefecture especially on the shore of the gulf of Chania, from Chania, Agia Marina, Platanias, Gerani, Maleme, Tavronitis, Kisamos and Paleochora as well as on the shore of Georgioupoli and Kavros with its hundreds of eateries, beach bars and water activities available.

There are also equestrian centres which can be found in Dere, Akrotiri and Georgioupoli.

Nightlife reaches its climax at the charming Venetian port of Chania, which boasts a large number of restaurants, trendy cafes and bars.

If you really want to let your hair loose you can also pay a visit to Platanias in the evening or night hours where there is a plethora of bars and clubs making it ideal for nightlife. Do not forget to look for those wonderful beach parties that many nightclubs and bars offer on the sandy shores on those warm summer nights.


Chania is a place where it is close to impossible to get bored or to miss out on all these forms of entertainment that await you. Here the festivities never end as long as that is what your heart desires…