About Crete

Crete – the southernmost island in Europe

A true paradise with its variety of attributes such as traditional villages, exotic lagoons, long sandy beaches, rocky bays and bustling nightlife.

There are grandiose mountain ranges, peaceful locations and crystal waters.

Blessed with clear sunlight most of the year, the climate is one of the best in Europe.

The largest island in Greece is understandably a most popular travel and vacation destination.

Crete has a superb quality of light; sharp rugged mountains and translucent seas, its abundance of wildlife, plants & flowers is unique; the scent of wild herbs, the taste of fresh fruit, the world’s best olive oil.

Crete Greece

Cretans are known for their hospitality and tradition of welcoming visitors.

The traditions and culture offered in music, art, food and crafts play a large part in this picture.

Discover Crete with all its known and unknown paths.