Ierapetra Archaeological Collection

The Archaeological Collection of Ierapetra

The first Archaeological Collection in Ierapetra was established in 1886 and in the past served more as a safe place for archaeological finds. The Archaeological Collection is now housed in the beautiful 1899 building – once known as the Ottoman School or Mehtepi – since 1986. The exhibition is arranged in two separate thematic units.

The first showcases include pottery ranging from Prehistoric to Roman times and the second contains magnificent sculptures from Ierapetra, most of which date from the Roman period.

Ierapetra Sarcophagus

Displays include finds from the Early Minoan settlement at Fournou Koryfi, near the village of Myrtos, as well as from the sanctuary at Vronta (Kavoussi, Ierapetra).

There are also ceramic objects from the latter years of the Minoan civilization that have in the most part come from the Ierapetra sea, but also from independent excavations in the area.

The collection also includes vessels from the Classical and Roman periods. Of special interest in the collection is the display of Minoan urns, whose decorative motifs reflect the respect and care that went into the interment of the dead during those times.

The sculptures are also well worth a visit. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a well preserved statue of Persephone. Ierapetra, especially during Roman times, was endowed with vibrant sculpture workshops which specialized in making excellent replicas of

Classical sculptures, providing us today with invaluable information on pieces from that period that are lost. The sculpture area also houses a collection of 2nd century AD epigraphs that make reference to Ierapetra’s relation with Gortys.

Ierapetra Archaeological Collection
Adrianou Kostoula Street
Phone: 28420-28721

Map Ierapetra Archaeological Collection
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Opening Hours: Daily 08:30 – 15:00 except Monday

Admission: 2 €