Heraklion Historical Museum

The Historical Museum of Crete

A multi-faceted museum narrating seventeen centuries of history on Crete, from Early Christian times to the modern era. The exhibition is much more than a mere display of artefacts; throughout the museum, visitors interact with new media.

Founded in 1953 the museum is by itself a work of art. The two-storied building is a wonderful specimen of neoclassical architecture and includes the following collections of exhibits:

Historical Museum

1. Byzantine-Mediaeval collection: Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish sculptures and inscriptions, wall paintings (13th-16th cent.), sacred vessels and vestments, coins, jewellery and miniature work of the Byzantine and Venetian period. Also the only two existing paintings in Crete by El Greco (Domenicos Theotokopoulos) entitled "View of Mount Sinai and the Monastery" and "The Baptism of Christ".

Sculptures Of St. Titus, GortysByzantine Wall PaintingMedallion in honor of the Supreme Military Commander of Crete Leonardo MocenigoByzantines Earring 10th CenturyEl Greco - View Of Mount Sinai And The Monastery (1750)El Greco - The Baptism Of Christ (1567)


2. Historical Collection: Relics of the Cretan revolutions of the 19th century and of the Cretan State (1898-1913); flags, arms, portraits of heroes of the patriotic struggles, jewellery, engravings, furniture, costumes, maps, mementoes; also historic documents and a collection of photographs.

Parachute Drop During The Battle Of CreteFlag Of Revolutionary Corps in Sitia (1897) - Union Or DeathPartizan Fighters


3. Folk art collection: Hundreds of representative samples of Cretan folk art (women and embroidered articles, Lace, costumes, jewellery, miniature work, musical instruments etc); reproduction of the interior of an old Cretan rule house.

Original Costume From Sfakia

4. Nikos Kazantzakis Room: the desk, library, personal mementoes and manuscripts of many of the works of the great writer.

The Nikos Kazantzakis Room

5. Tsouderos Room: the desk, library and personal mementoes of the Prime Minister of the Battle of Crete, engravings, maps, rare editions and a collection of Cretan postage stamps.

Historical Museum of Crete

House A. & M. Kalokerinos
27, Sofokli Venizelou Ave. & 7, Lysimachou Kalokerinou Street, Heraklion
Map of Historical Museum of Crete

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Monday - Saturday (except Wednesdays) 09:00-17:00
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