Where no man has set foot before

Crete, with its high-relief landscape is a paradise for canyoning, a term that means exploring gorges using alpinism techniques.

This sport can be practiced in Crete even in winter, as there isn’t much rain and the temperature remains mild.

Gorge of Kritsa

The wild gorge of Kritsa

The gorge of Kritsa or Havga, a narrow gorge not far from the village of Kritsa, is difficult and wild, and with particular natural beauty, stretches for 13 km at the eastern tip of the plateau, commanding a spectacular view over the entire area. The gorge reaches a depth of 300 m with a minimum width of 1.5 m.

Patsos Gorge

Patsos - the gorge of waters and caves

The gorge of Patsos is located near the picturesque mountain village of Patsos, south-east of Rethymnon town and a few km north-east of Spili. The first lower part of the gorge will entail walking through some water.

Map of Patsos, Crete