Gorge of Kritsa

The wild gorge of Kritsa

The gorge of Kritsa or Havga, a narrow gorge not far from the village of Kritsa, is difficult and wild, and with particular natural beauty, stretches for 13 km at the eastern tip of the plateau, commanding a spectacular view over the entire area. The gorge reaches a depth of 300 m with a minimum width of 1.5 m.

Kritsa Gorge

 Two slit rocks form the entrance to an array of caves that were extensively used by Cretan revolutionaries and the Allied forces during the German Occupation.

Map of Kritsa Gorge

[gmap zoom=17 |center=35.19757987715682,25.542290210723877 |width=420px |height=300px |control=Micro |type=Hybrid]

How to get there:
Access is possible via Tzermiado from the opening at Havga, north of Kritsa and leads deep into the virgin forest. An unforgettable experience…