Georgioupoli - the lively tourist resort

Georgioupoli or Georgioupolis (translates into Georgetown) is a village and resort in the region of Apokoronas, 43 km east of the city of Chania and 22 km west of the city of Rethymnon. It was named after Prince George of Greece, the high commissioner of the island during the last years of the Ottoman occupation.


Georgioupoli is found at the apex of the Almiros Bay on the Cretan Sea, with Cape Drapano and its rocky coast to the north and the long sandy beaches towards Rethymnon in the east. Three rivers meet the sea at the village; the largest, Almiros, creates a small harbour for fishing and tourist boats. The entrance to the village on the old road from Vrisses is a long avenue of eucalyptus trees.

Formerly a small fishing village, Georgioupoli is very much a tourist town now, with many cafés, tavernas and small hotels and apartment blocks. The town square is surrounded by outdoor seating used by tourists enjoying their drinks and ice creams.

Georgioupoli StreamGeorgioupoli RiverGeorgioupoli CenterGeorgioupoli Beach

Archaeological evidence points to Georgioupoli as the site of ancient Amphimalla (Amfimala or Amfimalion), the port of Lappa, a classical city at modern Argiroupoli.

Georgioupoli, with its 600 residents, is the largest village of a municipality of the same name, covering several other villages inland as far as Kournas.

Taverna On The Beach

The 9 km beach is the main attraction of the area, with Kalyvaki beach on the other side of the river as well. Nearby Lake Kournas is also a popular excursion on foot, bicycle or tourist 'train'. Georgioupoli is a well-located base for exploring the traditional villages of the area towards Vamos or into the White Mountains to the south.

Georgioupoli is a city that emerged from a marsh. In the 19th century the region was a marsh area; the source of a terrible malaria epidemic that killed the residents of the around regions. In 1880, a tradesman from Athens reached this deserted land. He conceives the value of the region and decides to drain the marsh by planting Eucalyptus and hundreds of other trees in order to cultivate the land. Little by little the region starts to attract new residents and around 1893 a town with the name of Almyroupoli emerges. In 1899, with the arrival of the Commissioner Prince Georgios, the town is renamed into Georgioupoli.

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How to get there:
There are regular public buses from either Chania or Rethymnon.