Chania Gorges

Chania - the prefecture of gorges

If the prefecture of Chania were to be characterized, perhaps the most appropriate appellation would be the "Prefecture of the Gorges" since dozens of gorges traverse the mountainous regions of Chania.

Agia Irini Gorge
Agia Irini Gorge in Selino is 7.5 km in length, at its most narrow points it reaches 10 m while the height of its perpendicular walls is 500 m.
Its most distinguishable feature is its lush vegetation.
Aradena Gorge
Aradena Gorge The impressive gorge of Aradena is some 19 km west of Chora Sfakion on the road to Anopolis and Agios Ioannis.
It starts from the southern slopes of the White Mountains, north of the abandoned village of Aradena and ends at the Libyan Sea near the beautiful beach of Marmara, a little west of Loutro
Imbros Gorge
Imbros Gorge in Sfakia is one of the most imposing, narrow and deep gorges of Crete. Its length is 7 km and its width is 2 m in some places with the height of some perpendicular walls reaching 300 m.
Its sides, which are 30-40 m high in some places, converge to leave a narrow opening of 2-3 m giving the impression of a tunnel.
Samaria Gorge
Samaria Gorge is, indisputably, of unparalleled beauty as well as the most renowned. It is 18 km in length and its width ranges from 3.5 to 150 m, with vertical cliffs which may reach a sheer 500 m in height.
It is a National Park in which one will find rare types of Cretan flora from the cypress and the pine tree to the dittany and wildflowers, while it is also the natural habitat of the wild goat or the Kri-kri
Theriso Gorge
Theriso Gorge is the nearest gorge to the city of Chania and the only one that can be crossed by car, since it is crossed by a carriageway leading to the gorge from Chania via the suburb of Perivolia.
The main portion of the gorge is 6 km long. Through it also flows, at some parts directly besides the street, a brook which supplies the vegetation with water and cares for a very beautiful background not only in springtime.
Topolia Gorge
Topolia Gorge is magnificent and wild, unique due to its fantastic echo. It is 1,5 km long with perpendicular walls that reach up to 300 m and boast many cave-like concavities, while its width fluctuates from 5-50 m.

There are many other smaller but less well-known gorges whose beauty is comparable to that of the larger ones such as the gorge of Tripiti, Klados, Eligia around Samaria, Katre, Asfendou, Agios Nektarios and Kallikrati in Sfakia, Rokka and Polyrhenia in Kisamos, Boriana in Karanou and Dyctamos in Keramia, the only one which goes from west to east.