Arsani Monastery

the monastery of Moni Arsani

Moni Arsani is located some 11 km from Rethymnon town.

Moni Arsani Map

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The earliest known reference of the Arsani Monastery is in a letter dated 1601.

Built in 1888, the church of Agios Georgios is a cruciform, domed basilica.

Within, it reveals the most fabulous display of Frescoes and Icons.

It is built on the foundations of another church of which an inscription dated 1645 on one of the windows was discovered.

Moni Arsani

During the early years of Turkish occupation, the Abbot of Arsani, Gavriil Klados, was imprisoned by the Turks for tax reasons.

In 1897 he was killed in a battle while fighting the Turks.
He was beheaded and his head was used for target practice.

During World War II, the monastery gave shelter to resistance fighters.

Arsani Fresco

Today the Monastery maintains a sizeable museum displaying books, fine icons from various churches of the prefecture, vestments and other ecclesiastical objects.