Anogia, Crete - home of proud rebels and great musicians

Anogia is one of the most beautiful villages in Crete, probably built by refugees from neighboring Axos when it was destroyed during Venetian rule.

Anogia, Crete

It is home of a proud and rebellious people who played a major role in all struggles for the island’s independence, for which they paid a heavy price on August 13, 1944, when the German occupation forces destroyed the village in retaliation for the kidnapping of the German General Karl Kreipe.

At the same time, the town is a cultural centre thanks to the people’s own respect for their heritage. Visit the Gryilios Museum to see the works of a great, self-taught, local artist. Anogia is the birthplace of the Xylouris family of musicians and singers–the late Nikos Xylouris and his brothers Antonis (Psarantonis) and Yiannis.

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The musical tradition of Anogia continues until today. Another well-known song writer and singer, Loudovikos ton Anogion is hosting the one-week festival Yakinthia every summer on beautiful premises just outside Anogia.

Anogia StreetAnogia MemorialXylouri's HouseXylouri's MuseumAnogia HandicraftAgia Marina AnogiaBlessing Of The SheepAgios Yakinthos Chapel

Besides the open-air amphitheatre which hosts concerts and theatrical plays, there is also the small, stone built chapel of Agios Yakinthos (the Greek Saint of Love).

Above Anogia is the Nida plateau, an amazing mountain landscape beneath Mt. Psiloritis that changes colour according to the season and of course the Ideon Andron, the famous cave in which Zeus is said to have been brought up.

Anogia Map, Rethymnon Crete

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How to get there:
There are regular public buses from and to Rethymnon and Heraklion.