Andreas Rodinos

Andreas Rodinos (Ανδρέας Ροδινός)- The Lyre-player who became a Legend

Rodinos And BaxevanisCretans have great respect for their musical traditions and musicians, but there is one particular figure in the history of Cretan music that stands out above all others.

Andreas Rodinos, born in 1912 in Rethymnon, apprenticed the lyre when he was 13 and at the age of 16 he formed his own group. He had a passion for the instrument and often played at fairs and marriages without any reward.

In his short life of just 22 years, Andreas Rodinos rose to a unique position in the pantheon of Cretan music. When he passed away of tuberculosis on February 9, 1934, he was holding tight a case containing his two favorite lyres.

Video : Andreas Rodinos by Antonis Martsakis

The few existing recordings of his oeuvre reveal the amazing nature of his skill on the lyre and explain why an official day of mourning was held in Rethymnon on the day of his death. Today, all lyre-players still hold his memory in great respect.