Agia Irini Gorge

from agia irini tou sougia

The valley starts above the village of Agia Irini (at the water dividing line between north and south Crete), narrows to a gorge a little south of the village and ends in Sougia.

The walk to Sougia takes a total of 4 hours and can be done throughout the year, provided that it hasn't rained in the preceding days.

[gmap markers=big red::35.27125115473798,23.540369868278503 + 35.58400881723861,23.59511375427246 + 35.33224031336875,24.277489185333252 + 35.291141119393394,23.82805824279785 |zoom=13 |center=35.28976798386588,23.82556915283203 |width=420px |height=300px |control=Micro |type=Physical]

The path in the gorge was improved considerably a few years ago and is, for the most, without difficulties and easy to follow with plenty of shade.

There are several resting places where you can theoretically get water (but the taps don't always work so make sure you bring your own supply).


After about 2 hours through the gorge the valley widens and you will see a sign pointing towards the left to a cafe.

This is where you will meet the road again and it is probably easier to follow it than continue in the river bed to Sougia where the walking can get tedious.


You can also eat at the cafe before continuing to Sougia so it is not necessary to carry food with you on this walk.

Bear in mind that the last part of the walk to Sougia (which takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours) offers little shade.

The admittance fee for entering the gorge is 1,50 euro.